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A docker container image to run a mysql container configured for sage software
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mysql database for sage software

The goal of this docker container is to provide configurations for mysql that
allow to host software by sage on your own company

Separate Data Only Container

In order to allow easy update of the base image it is
to either store application data on the host
file system or in a dedicated data only container.

To create the data only container run:

docker run --name sage-data -v /var/lib/mysql busybox /bin/sh

To then start a docker container running the mysql server use the following
command. It will publish the containers port 3306 under hosts port 4306.

  docker run --name sage-db\
    -p 4306:3306\
    --volumes-from sage-data\
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=my-secret-pw\
    -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=admin-pw\
    -d sage-mysql

The option volumes-from indicates that data is stored in the data only

The configs specific to sage can be found in sage.cnf

To check whether the right configs are set in the running mysql container,
connect to the container like

mysql -h --port=32776  -u root -p

and use the mysql command SHOW VARIABLES, such as:


For further reference see the parent container docs.

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