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#Cntlm Docker

This is a simple dockerfile that wraps up cntlm into debian. It will set up a open proxy, that uses NTLMv2 to
authenticate upstream. The main use case is to get a simple proxy setup that plays nice with windows networks.

Ideally you can use this with redsocks+iptables, to make docker images think they have direct access, but the connections are
actually tunneled through.



Simple usage is

docker run --rm -p 3128:3128 btrepp/cntlm domain NTVLMv2Hash upstream_proxy:port

This will create an unathenticated proxy on the host running at 3128

##NTLMv2 Hash

By default I've only set this up to accept Hashed passwords. cntlm supports actual passwords, but
that is left up to you to figure out. A script exists in the images that will help you get the hash

docker run --rm -t -i --entrypoint="" btrepp/cntlm upstream_proxy:port

This will ask you for your password and attempt to use the upstream proxy to get to If it
succeeds it will print a PassNTLMv2 line, use this hash above when launching the container.


This was a quick hack to get together as nothing currently existed on the registry. Feel free to fork it and send pull requests

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