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A fork of, adding more customed volumns.
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A docker image based on Ubuntu 16.04 with Apache2 + PHP 7.0

Pull the image

Pull the latest stable version from the Docker Hub Registry

docker pull francarmona/docker-ubuntu16-apache2-php7:latest

If you prefer building the image from source, clone the repository and run docker build

git clone
docker build -t francarmona/docker-ubuntu16-apache2-php7 .


After building the image, run the container.

docker run --name apache2-php7 -v ~/path/to/code:/var/www -d -p [host-port]:80 francarmona/docker-ubuntu16-apache2-php7

Browse to http://localhost:[host-port] to view your app.

Use as a base image

Some cases will be necessary to create a new image using this one as the base, for example to overwrite configuration files.

Create a Dockerfile with following content and then build the image.

FROM francarmona/docker-ubuntu16-apache2-php7

MAINTAINER Your Name <your@email>

# Apache site conf
ADD config/apache/apache-virtual-hosts.conf /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf
ADD config/apache/apache2.conf /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

Packages included

  • php7.0
  • php7.0-cli
  • apache2
  • php7.0-gd
  • php7.0-json
  • php7.0-mbstring
  • php7.0-xml
  • php7.0-xsl
  • php7.0-zip
  • php7.0-soap
  • php7.0-pear
  • php7.0-mcrypt
  • php7.0-curl
  • curl
  • libapacha2-mod-php
  • apt-transport-https
  • nano
  • lynx-cur
  • composer

Exposed ports


Exposed volumes

  • webroot: /var/www

Out of the box

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • Apache2
  • PHP7
  • Composer
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