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Ubuntu 15.04 image with ghostscript, xpdf, libvips, python, and php.
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A base Ubuntu 15.04 with a number of image manipulation libraries. This image was particularly built to run in's IronWorker framework, allowing for mass parallel of processing of image data.


You are going to need Docker installed. You can find a variety of installation instructions, per operating system, in the Docker Installation Docs. If you haven't used Docker before, take a moment and look through the Docker User Guide.

Pull The Docker Repository

docker pull bubba/vips-docker-image

In the Image

Library Versions
Python 2.7.9
PHP 5.6.4
vips 8.0.2
pdfinfo 0.30.0
ghostscript 9.15

Build Notes

Vips 8.0.2 was built in the image and all other libraries were installed via the apt-get package manager. There are also a handful of PHP and Python libraries/modules installed as well, please see the Dockerfile for more details.

Command Line Usage

Assuming you have a directory /tmp/docktest that contians an image /tmp/docktest/bbq.jpg and you want to use this contianer to convert the image to thumbnail, you might run this command:

docker run -ti --rm -v /tmp/docktest:/mnt/vips -w /mnt/vips bubba/vips-docker-image vipsthumbnail bbq.jpg --size 200x100

and discover /tmp/docktest/tn_bb1.jpg has been created.

Docker Pull Command
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