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Automate the process of book writing, reading, editing, publishing, discussing.
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With Open Container, free one private repository, and unlimited public repositories for unconditioned sharing, one can start from a template image to create a new standard epub-3 book / document of one's own contents. The playing field of authoring and publishing has been wide open for all players at all walks of life.

We make this happened with standard epub-3 layout of "VerifiableEmptiness" that you can (1) directly contribute with your reflection and investigation to weed out criminals and professional scam artists from all isms, bullying humanity based on "Fear and Greed", (2) contrast your experience against Gotama personal experience to help making his personal opinions into statistically epistemic objectives, (3) use the template to create your own diary and/or epub-3 documents in your private or public repositories.

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