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User container node to enable One the centre of all activities and relationships toward what count
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Your persona with different email digital hats is a Mu command centre and personal assistant,

We make user/service public profile in docker container having its own database (optionally pushed to Google App Engine and Blogger) as the user/service contact point with outside world. By controlling data access to different segments of its database, user/service is the center of its relevant activities and relationships.

Another breakthrough is the gossip of Gossip protocol to establish community fair consensus. Services such as [ todos >< executes >< feedbacks ] of Plan can establish its state of consensus with required rules and custom infrastructures of the service. The eco-system is eventually consistent by progressive design, evolving according to relevant requirements.

Using industry defacto-standard "Web Component" from polymer UI and container-based (docker) service, we standardize flexible data structure from open sources of rocksdb, git, time-series, distributed dgraph, tensor-flow recommendation engine, raft and gossip protocols, to enable service owners control their service data where one service can be a standalone, an input to or output from another service for more value-adds and user requirements.

Due to standard container, custom service - such as Plan evolving from our "Executive Information Portal" - can be built on top of other readily available containers. The salient feature in this ecosystem is that each user/service can have its own UI design, data structure in its own service domain while riding on other "standard" services. In this sense, Big Data of progressive AI custom development - for forecasting, modeling and simulation - can be efficient and on-demand to enable the system self-sustainable.

The bottom lines are (1) given tremendous efforts of evolving open sources, we can simplify and integrate what required into a container ecosystem where you can add your "unique sauce" at different depths and varieties of the application, better serving different types and use cases, (2) normative and artificial intelligence can be fully and statistically integrated to turn significantly discovered personal opinions - value of the values - underlying the Latin Humanitas / Buddhist Compassion-Prajna for "Human Right" such as "Not-Self" or "Good Samaritan Kindness" into epistemic objectives. The core of these efforts will be open sources: BudhDB, BudhAI, MuHub, OmHub.

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