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A cloud-based Authentication and Authorization, with Indexes of back end microservices and more ...
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OmHub is a cloud implementation of Docker Registry 2.0 of specialised services, designed for an efficient Eco System where relevant activities and services - securely categorised by networks of group activities - are injected for you in-part discover and in-part create the Real You. Just like required restrictions to standardise an Open-Container, we suggest three more restrictions to achieve an efficient system: (1) use immutable data in all nodes of the service, (2) use open-source Polymer to design UI that you are only responsible for routing within the service, (3) use open-source BudhDB at maximum three or manageable generations of nodes in the service under your control.

Unlike Docker Registry, OmHub is a centralised Authentication and Authorisation having indexes of available services, providing pointers to requested service nodes plus System and Custom Actions with required facilities to make happened on-line commerce. Services generate Activities and Relationships which are processed and summarised in OmHub for Artificial Intelligence open-source BudhAI to custom serve each persona who can wear different hats using different emails such as persona hat, employee hat, social hat. It is also the cloud-based distributed graphs of each user/service MuHub where dynamic interactions of users and services through activities and relationships are synchronised to be eventually consistent and pushed to connected MuHub.

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