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A Arch linux base image to build upon
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Docker image for Arch Linux

An Arch linux base image.


docker build -t docker-archlinux .

How I built this image

When to and the downloaded and mkimage-arch-pacman.conf.
I then ran the script to create a container using my running docker daemon.
Once created, I extracted the filesystem from the container and put into a .tar.xz file
which I use when building this container.

chmod +x
sudo ./

The resulting output of the script included a sha, I used this to extract the filesystem

Use docker to export/save the image:

docker save cb6bfa01c9f3619eb195575fbe6397a3528d7a0f9536fa47194e9f6535011958 -o image.tar

Find the layer.tar file within the docker tar:

tar -tvf image.tar | grep layer.tar

Pull that layer.tar out of the image.tar (see result of prev. command)

tar --extract --file=image.tar c5f3671366de897b9fa72099232f89be3be528d32f5648a88a8768870e291310/layer.tar

Rename and compress:

mv c5f3671366de897b9fa72099232f89be3be528d32f5648a88a8768870e291310/layer.tar ./arch-$(date +%F).tar
xz ./arch-*.tar

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