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This repository contains the source for the
icinga2 docker

Image details

  1. Based on debian:jessie
  2. Supervisor, Apache2, MySQL, icinga2, icinga-web, icingacli, icingaweb2, and icingaweb2 director module
  3. No SSH. Use docker exec or nsenter
  4. If no passwords are not supplied, they will be randomly generated and shown via stdout.

Automated build

docker pull jordan/icinga2


Start a new container and bind to host's port 80

sudo docker run -p 80:80 -t jordan/icinga2:latest

Start a new container and supply the icinga and icinga_web password

sudo docker run -e ICINGA_PASSWORD="icinga" -e ICINGA_WEB_PASSWORD="icinga_web" -t jordan/icinga2:latest

The Icinga Web interface is accessible at http://localhost/icinga-web with the credentials root:password

Icinga Web 2

Icinga Web 2 can be accessed at http://localhost/icingaweb2 with the credentials icingaadmin:icinga


The graphite writer can be enabled by setting the ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE variable to true or 1 and also supplying values for ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_HOST and ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_PORT. This container does not have graphite and the carbon daemons installed so ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_HOST should not be set to localhost.


sudo docker run -e --link graphite:graphite -e ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE=true -e ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_HOST=graphite -e ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_PORT=2003 -t jordan/icinga2:latest

Icinga Director

The Icinga Director Icinga Web 2 module is installed and enabled by default. You can disable the automatic kickstart when the container starts by setting the DIRECTOR_KICKSTART variable to false. To customize the kickstart settings, modify the /etc/icingaweb2/modules/director/kickstart.ini

Environment variables & Volumes

ICINGA_PASSWORD - MySQL password for icinga
ICINGA_WEB_PASSWORD - MySQL password for icinga_web
ICINGAWEB2_PASSWORD - MySQL password for icingaweb2
DIRECTOR_PASSWORD - MySQL password for icinga director
IDO_PASSWORD - MySQL password for ido
ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE - false (default).  Set to true or 1 to enable graphite writer
ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_HOST - graphite (default).  Set to link name, hostname, or IP address where Carbon daemon is running
ICINGA2_FEATURE_GRAPHITE_PORT - 2003 (default).  Carbon port
DIRECTOR_KICKSTART - true (default).  Set to false to disable director auto kickstart at container startup
SMTP_MAILHUB - smtp relay host, e.g. localhost:25
SMTP_HOSTNAME - hostname utilized as origin of the smtp message
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