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Java Application Executor (java executable apps bootstrap)
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You can define your playbook in a repo and pass to docker information to play the java executable code.

JAVA_OPTS=Java JVM Options (default: "-XX:MaxPermSize=20M")
JAR_PATH=The bootstrap jar name in the volume including the base path /root/app/.... (default: "/root/app/sample.jar")
APP_ARGS=Arguments you have to pass your bootstrap jar Jar arguments (default: "")

VOLUMES : "/root/app"
Explained :volume containing the jars and the configuration files used to run the java executable

EXPOSED PORTS : 8081 8082 8083 8084 8085 8086 8087 8088 8089 8090 8091 8092 8093 8094 8095 8096 8097 8098 8099 8100

Reference repo :

docker run -d -p 8080:8080 -e "JAVA_OPTS=-XX:MaxPermSize=20M" -e "JAR_PATH=/root/app/my-app.jar" -e "APP_ARGS=start connect ..." --name my-runnable-app builditftorelli/

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