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This image contains Raspbian Jessie and a darkice audio streamer.
Full Description

this image will set up a Raspberry Pi to stream audio to

configure the stream settings in /etc/darkice.cfg You will need to enter your server, mount point, and password information. These are available under Technical Details on your page.

Run the image to edit the configuration:
docker run -it --device=/dev/snd:/dev/snd burnhaj31/darkice:prelim1 sudo nano /etc/darkice.cfg

Run the image to stream:
docker run -it --device=/dev/snd:/dev/snd burnhaj31/darkice:prelim1 darkice

To keep it running after exiting the terminal include the detached flag:
docker run -it -d --device=/dev/snd:/dev/snd burnhaj31/darkice:prelim1 darkice

Feed audio in through a usb sound card.

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