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Build environment based on arch-linux and mingw. Includes mingw-(Qt5, cmake, Eigen3, boost) from AUR
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mingw-based build environment based on arch-linux. The image provides easy and CI/CD friendly cross-compilation for windows target. mingw- versions of Qt5, cmake, Eigen3, boost are included. Dosens of other libraries are available from the package manager.


Start the docker container:

sudo docker run -it burningdaylight/docker-mingw-qt5 /bin/bash

Compile your application (QNapi is used as an example here):

git clone --recursive ''
cd qnapi/

Or for CMake:

x86_64-w64-mingw32-cmake ..

That's it!


If you need some other dependencies, you can install them from AUR.

pacaur -S --noedit mingw-w64-rapidjson

If mingw- version of the needed libarary is not available in AUR, you can add it yourself. The process is really straightforward. You would need to write a PKBUILD file, which is as intuitive as it can get, see mingw-w64-rapidjson, for example.

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