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Just testing auto-build for this one.
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:Created: 2015-08-30
:Updated: 2016-08-31
:Version: 0.0.4-dev

Jenkins Server


  • Customized Jenkins docker has CLI and JJB pre-installed::

    docker exec -ti $cname jenkins-cli help
    docker exec -ti $cname jenkins-jobs help

  • Use JJB templates and initialize Jenkins jobs from YAML::

    jenkins-jobs update my-build.yaml

  • Build job configurations from JJB templates from dotmpe/jenkins-templated-builds.
    Use presets values with templates, or fill out placeholders using
    generate, and write new YAML formatted jobs::

    cd $JTB_SRC_DIR
    ./bin/ compile-preset gh-jtb
    jenkins-jobs update gh-jtb.yaml:tpl/base.yaml

    Or use generate custom jobs based on templates directly from environment vars in shell scripts::

    name=jtb generate <tpl-id> <tpl-files> > my-build.yaml

    And trigger the build::

    docker exec -ti $cname jenkins-cli build <job-id>

Build, start, and configure::

./ && \
./ && \

The main script is That and other scripts above take arguments
[env [tag]] (default dev latest).

Refer to those scripts for functionality. Documentation is not mantained and
can easily be out of date. Script ``` has a few pre-configurations.


  • Versions <ChangeLog.rst>__
  • Setup guide <doc/setup.rst>__

Main dev.


  • CLI works except with stdin. Taking the JAR out the container does not help.
    Made one built-in function (init_cb_folder) to generate new folders.


  • Want to initialize title, preferably from fontfile and svg or someting.
    Right now copies custom/title.png and custom/headshot.png.

  • Misc. initial settings now done by hand:

    • turn of HTML description filtering in security settings
    • Add public key to user
    • Get API key from user (for JJB)
    • add docker cloud settings.
      see script/configure-docker-cloud.groovy, possibly.

    • set admin email

    • setup for (docker) slaves
    • added better list view, need to set as default
    • some global choice parameters
    • add console output parsing rules

    • may also try 'jvm_options' = '-Djenkins.install.runSetupWizard=false'
      for manual 2.0 setup.

    • Can use cURL for some provisioning:

.. raw:: html

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<i class="fa fa-docker"></i>

.. image:: docker-logo.png

.. image:: jenkins-logo.png

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