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Java Based Websocket Proxy Service
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This websocket server container is designed to listen on TCP port 4343 and accept TLS Websocket connections. The Certificate is self signed. The companion container bvdx/alejsonapp1 when deployed to the same docker host is configured to connect to this bvdx/websocksrv container over a user defined docker network; uses TCP port 12000.

This Container pair is designed to demonstrate JSON format output of Aruba Networks Analytic and Location Engine data (ALE) available with supported Aruba Networks products (Wi-Fi Access points and Controllers) .This container pair is not published or authored by HPE Aruba Networks.

  Note: Networking Ports involved:
  1. TCP 4343 Exposed through the host. i.e. -p 4343:4343
  2. TCP 8700 Exposed on the user defined container network
  3. TCP 12000 Exposed on the user defined container network
  4. TCP 12001 Exposed on the user defined container network

Base image pulled from anapsix/alpine-java


  1. Create docker user defined network:
    docker network create userdefined01
  2. Docker Command Line:
      Note: Ensure name is websocksrv as the certificate is signed with this hostname.

docker run -itdP -p 4343:4343 --name websocksrv --network userdefined01 bvdx/websocksrv:v1

Docker Pull Command