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An image to build and run applications based on node, npm, bower and grunt.
Full Description

This container is used to build and run projects based on NPM, Bower and Grunt.

You need to run the container with the following arguments:

  • The ports you need to expose via the -p argument. This will depend on your Gruntfile.js configuration for the task responsible of starting the server
  • A volume where your Grunfile.js, package.json and bower.json reside and is root to your application code. This volume must be mounted on the container's /build folder via de -v argument.
  • The name of the grunt task that starts your server using the environment variable TASK using the -e argument. If no TASK is provided container task will be used. The container will fail to start if the task does not exists. Be sure to start your server on hostname so that the server is accessible from outside the container.
    docker run -p 9000:9000 -v ~/myApp:/build -e "TASK=serve" byteflair/node
  • You can also indicate the working folder via the WORKSPACE environment variable.
    docker run -p 9000:9000 -v ~/myApp:/drone/src -e "WORKSPACE=/drone/src" -e "TASK=serve" byteflair/node
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