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Apache Fuseki2 with Apache Jena TDB storage
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#Docker image for Apache Jena with Fuseki

This is an implementation of Apache Jena with TDP persistence along with Fuseki2 API.


In order to run it you simply use the following command

docker run -d -p 3030:3030 c0nstantx/jena-fuseki

Then you can see the web interface of Fuseki, by opening in a browser the following url


Setup port

Fuseki runs by default on port 3030. You can define the port of Fuseki inside the container by setting the environment variable FUSEKI_PORT


docker run -d -p 3030:3000 -e FUSEKI_PORT=3000 c0nstantx/jena-fuseki

Setup dataset

The triplestore's default dataset is ds and exists at the /ds endpoint.

e.x. http://localhost:3030/ds

If you want to define a different default dataset, you can do it by using the environment variable FUSEKI_DATASET


docker run -d -p 3030:3030 -e FUSEKI_DATASET=datastore

Now the TDP will be on `http://localhost:3030/datastore

Mount volume

The triplestore persistence uses the folder /db to store it's data. So, if you want to mount a physical drive, you can do it by running the following command

docker run -d -p 3030:3030 -v /my/local/volume:/db c0nstantx/jena-fuseki
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