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jupyter/demo container is the upstream container. Contains several kernels, python2, bash, scala.
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Docker Demo Images

Herein lies the Dockerfiles for both jupyter/demo (currently used by and jupyter/minimal.

Creating sample notebooks does not require knowledge of Docker, just the IPython/Jupyter notebook. Submit PRs against the notebooks/ folder to get started.


The big demo image pulls in resources from

  • notebooks/ for example notebooks
  • common/ for core components used by minimal and demo

Community Notebooks is a great resource for communities
looking for a place to host their public IPython/Jupyter notebooks. If
your group has a notebook you want to share, just fork this repository
and add a directory for your community in the notebooks/communities folder
and place your notebook in the new directory
(e.g. notebooks/communities/north_pole_julia_group/). Commit and push
your changes to Github and send us a pull request.

The following tips will make sure your notebooks work well on and work well for the users of your

  • Create your notebook using IPython 3.x to ensure your notebook is v4 format.
  • If adding a notebook that was a slideshow, make sure to set the "Cell Toolbar" setting back to None.
  • If you are creating your notebook on, make sure you're aware of the 10 minute idle time notebook reaper. If you walk away from your notebook for too long, you can lose it!

Building the Docker Images

There is a Makefile to make life a bit easier here:

make images

Alternatively, feel free to build them directly:


docker build -t jupyter/demo .


docker build -t jupyter/minimal common/
Docker Pull Command