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CA API Gateway
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What is the CA API Gateway?

The CA API Gateway is an XML firewall and service gateway that controls how web services are exposed to and accessed by external client applications. The Gateway provides runtime control over service-level authentication, authorization, key management, credentialing, integrity, confidentiality, schema validation, content inspection, data transformation, threat protection (including integration with external virus scanners for SOAP attachment scanning), routing, protocol switching, SLA enforcement, logging, and other functions.
Configured and managed through the GUI-based Policy Manager, the Gateway also acts as an integration point for extending existing PKI, Identity, SSO, federation and MOM infrastructures to web services, ensuring customers can leverage existing security and messaging infrastructure for web services and SOA initiatives.

How to Use This Image

For instructions on how to use this image, see "Using the Container Gateway"


This is commercial software and requires the purchase of a commercial license before it may be used. Please contact CA Technologies to obtain a license to use the CA API Gateway beyond evaluation purposes:

You must have a valid commercial license to CA API Gateway and accept the terms of the CA End User License Agreement (“CA EULA”) before using CA API Gateway. By setting the ACCEPT_LICENSE environment variable to “true,” you are expressing that you have a valid and existing commercial license for CA API Gateway and that you have reviewed and accepted the terms of the CA EULA, which shall govern your use of CA API Gateway.

To learn more about the API Management product suite from CA Technologies, please see

Supported Docker Versions

This image is officially supported on Docker CE/EE 17.09.x and OpenShift Origin/Container Platform version 3.6

Support for older versions is provided on a best-effort basis.

Please see the Docker installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your Docker daemon and OpenShift Origin installation documentation for details on how to upgrade your OpenShift server.

User Feedback

If you have any problems with or questions about this image, please contact CA Support at:

User Documentation

Visit to view the online documentation for the CA API Gateway. The chapter specific to the Container Gateway begins at "Using the Container Gateway". You can download the entire documentation set in PDF or ePUB format for convenient viewing while offline.

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