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Docker emulated Cloud Foundry Java Buildpack


This docker image will try to emulate Cloud Foundry runtime for the Java Buildpack. It is based on the new Cloud Foundry Stack - cflinuxfs2 which is based upon Ubuntu 14.04.

WARNING: cf-release v204 was the first release to support cflinuxfs2 stack. Buildpacks prior to this cf-release version could not work.


This image has a few env vars that you can modify to alter the behavior at runtime. You can check it here(Details) and here. But the 3 more important are:

  • RUN_COMMAND: This is the command to run your app. For most java apps this defaults to what bin/expose script creates(Details).
  • BP_URL: This is the java buildpack git url. This is mainly intended for custom java buildpacks. default:
  • BP_VERSION: This is the version of the buildpack to checkout. default: v2.7.1

Two important thing to know is that you must mount your code/object in the /object path of the image and Default listening port is 8080 (Remember to expose it), you can check the next examples to see how to do this.-


For this examples we use the spring-music sample app. And for the check you can use your browser to see the http://localhost:8080 url.-

$ git clone $HOME/workspace/spring-music
$ cd $HOME/workspace/spring-music
$ ./gradle assemble
$ docker run -p 8080:8080 -v $HOME/workspace/spring-music/build/libs/spring-music.war:/object cacciald/mocker-java:latest

For a more advanced deployment I can recommend you to use fig/docker compose.-

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