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A utility container that submits Data Processing Worker task messages
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A utility container that submits task messages for files in a folder to a RabbitMQ queue, for consumption by a Data Processing worker. The ID of an existing workflow can be provided for use on the messages or a definition of a workflow can be provided and it will be created for use in the messages.

The container depends on a running RabbitMQ instance that it can contact to submit messages. If a workflow is to be created by the submitter rather than using an existing ID then accessible databases and APIs are required also.

The container is packaged with a default processing workflow (which uses boilerplate expressions and a classification workflow) for use in creating a workflow when no ID is provided.This file can be overridden using the properties of the task submitter to point to another location.

The task submitter should be configured through environment variables passed to the container on startup. Configuration details for this container can be found in the repository below under utils/data-processing-task-submitter;

Documentation for Data Processing components which use this image is available at;

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