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A CAF worker to build metadata for a document by sending & collating results from other CAF workers.
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A CAF worker that uses the worker-policy library to build up metadata for a document by sending and then collating results from other CAF workers based on the document matching defined criteria in a workflow.

The Data Processing Worker is built on the worker-policy library and also a set of handlers and converters for use in data processing. This container has Elasticsearch included but it is not enabled by default. If Elasticsearch is required e.g. for evaluation of Text and Lexicon conditions, the environment variable POLICY_ELASTICSEARCH_DISABLED should be set to false on container start. This is a filesystem storage based worker, utilizing the worker-store-fs library. Access to a Hibernate compatible database, pre-configured with Policy Database Schema is required on startup.

Detailed configuration information can be found in the GitHub repository below;

Documentation for Data Processing components which use this image is available at;

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