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Deep Learning Framework with Python for flexibility and C++ for speed.
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Note: use nvidia-docker to run all GPU builds.


docker pull caffe2ai/caffe2
Comes with GPU support, all options, and tutorial files. Uses Caffe2 v0.7.0
--> caffe2/docker/ubuntu-16.04-gpu-tutorial/Dockerfile

GPU builds

Ubuntu 16.04 - CUDA 8 - cuDNN 6 - Caffe2 v0.7.0

docker pull caffe2ai/caffe2:c2.cuda8.cudnn6.ubuntu16.04

Ubuntu 16.04 - CUDA 8 - cuDNN 5 - Caffe2 v0.7.0

docker pull caffe2ai/caffe2:c2.cuda8.cudnn5.ubuntu16.04

CPU Builds

Ubuntu 14.04 - Caffe2 v0.7.0 - optional dependencies

docker pull caffe2ai/caffe2:c2.cpu.ubuntu14.04

Ubuntu 14.04 - Caffe2 v0.7.0 - minimal dependencies

docker pull caffe2ai/caffe2:c2.cpu.min.ubuntu14.04

Docker Pull Command

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