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Caliber Technology TaxQuery server
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A service which determines tax jurisdiction names for U.S. payroll employees, based on workplace and resident addresses. Tax names correspond to those used by as well as TaxControls components found at

Starting with tag 2018-02-07v, this image contains US Census ADDR, EDGES, and FEATNAMES data and no longer queries the Google Maps API.

To try it out:

docker run -p 8443:8443 calibertechnology/taxquery

Then point your browser to https://localhost:8443 for an API description. Note that the TLS certificate is self-signed, so you will get a browser warning about the encryption.


FROM ruby:2.3-alpine

RUN apk update && apk upgrade
RUN apk add --update gcc make sqlite sqlite-dev unzip git bash wget libc-dev openssl-dev
RUN gem install text fastercsv sinatra haml openssl heist --no-rdoc --no-ri
RUN git clone
RUN git clone git://

WORKDIR /sqlite3-ruby
RUN ruby setup.rb all

WORKDIR /geocoder
RUN sed -i -e 's/__va_copy/va_copy/' src/liblwgeom/vsprintf.c
RUN make
RUN sed -i -e 's/::Config::CONFIG/::RbConfig::CONFIG/' setup.rb
RUN ruby setup.rb all

RUN mkdir -p /opt/tiger
COPY data/tl* /opt/tiger/
RUN sed -i -e 's/SHP2SQLITE=.*/SHP2SQLITE=\/geocoder\/src\/shp2sqlite\/shp2sqlite/' build/tiger_import
RUN build/tiger_import /opt/tiger/geocoder.db /opt/tiger

RUN chmod +x /geocoder/bin/rebuild_metaphones
RUN /geocoder/bin/rebuild_metaphones /opt/tiger/geocoder.db

RUN chmod +x /geocoder/build/build_indexes
RUN build/build_indexes /opt/tiger/geocoder.db

RUN chmod +x /geocoder/build/rebuild_cluster
RUN build/rebuild_cluster /opt/tiger/geocoder.db

WORKDIR /opt/tiger
RUN rm tl*

COPY index.rb fips.rb sinatra_ssl.rb taxes.rb taxes.db library.scm /geocoder/
COPY certs /geocoder/certs/

WORKDIR /geocoder
CMD ruby index.rb
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