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Build container for Calico binaries
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NOTE: Python libcalico is no longer being actively developed, and as such is likely to become out-of-date and potentially incompatible with newer Calico versions and features. Instead, it is strongly recommended to use the Golang library, libcalico-go. Feel free to contribute patches to this repo as the maintainers will continue to review and merge community PRs.

Libcalico is a library for interacting with the Calico data model. It also contains code for working with veths.

  • It's written in Python (though ports into other languages would be welcomed as PRs)
  • It currently just talks to etcd as the backend datastore.

It's currently focused on the the container side of Calico, though again PRs are welcomed to make it more general.

Running tests

To run tests for libcalico:

  1. Install Docker.
  2. At the root of the libcalico directory, run:

     make test

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