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Short Description
Hazelcast membership probing service.
Full Description

Hazelcast Cluster membership status probe

A simple probe to the membership status of a hazelcast cluster.

deployment settings

The application depends on the following environment variables:

  • HC_ADDRS: Required environment variable, in the form of "HOST:PORT[,HOST:PORT]", defines the addresses of the hazelcast nodes to which the client will connect and probe the membership status.

  • LISTEN_ADDR: Optional environment variable, in the form of "BINDING_HOST:BINDING_PORT", defines what is the listen address of this application. Defaults to ""

API endpoints

  • /hc/clusterinfo: returns the members list of the hazelcast cluster this application is probing.
  • /hc/members: The response body contains the member list of the hazelcast cluster. Additionally, this API can takes a "gte" query parameter which specifies the minimum size of the member list. If the probed member list has a size smaller than the "gte" parameter, the application will return a 412 response code, other wise returns 200.
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