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Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty - Provisioned by Loud

Docker: What is Docker?

"Docker is an open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container

Docker containers are both hardware-agnostic and platform-agnostic. This means that they can run anywhere, from your laptop to the largest EC2 compute instance and everything in between - and they don't require that you use a particular language, framework or packaging system. That makes them great building blocks for deploying and scaling web apps, databases and backend services without depending on a particular stack or provider.

Docker is an open-source implementation of the deployment engine which powers dotCloud, a popular Platform-as-a-Service. It benefits directly from the experience accumulated over several years of large-scale operation and support of hundreds of thousands of applications and databases."

Getting Started:

This Docker image is from a Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty addition "minimal" install.

Upon "RUN"'ing this Docker image you will be provided with a barebones Ubuntu 14.04 (minimal) image.

To get completely set up using this Docker image run the following commands in a Debian based environment:

  • $ sudo apt-get install
  • $ sudo docker pull camarox53/docker-ltrustycli
  • $ sudo docker run --net=host -t -i camarox53/docker-ltrustycli bash

Installing Software:

At this point you have a few options:

If you would like to provision this Install with all of the LOUD packages and software please run the following command:

  • $ apt-get -y install loud-desktop

If you would like to install all of the packages for all of the Computer Science classes, please run the following command:

  • $ apt-get install loud-courseware

If you would just like to install the software for your individual classes, run the following command based upon the class you are in:

  • $ apt-get install loud-cs110
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs111
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs210
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs220
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs221
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs230
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs310
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs350
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs410
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs420
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs422
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs430
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs440
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs450
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs455
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs465
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs470
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs472
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs493t
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs510
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs525
  • $ apt-get install loud-cs572

Note : It will take much longer to install loud-desktop then just installing your classes software

When you are ready to leave your Docker Environment:

Run the following command in the Docker Terminal Window when you are ready to leave your Docker environment and return to the Host machine:

  • $ exit

When you would like to return to your Docker Environment - Run the following command:

  • $ sudo docker run --net=host -t -i camarox53/docker-ltrustycli bash


Docker is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.


If you have any questions or problems installing this software please contact LCSEE Systems:

Location: 701 ESB of the Engineering Sciences Building

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