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Docker image that runs node scheduled tasks
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Docker image that runs node scheduled tasks


Create your own Dockerfile with the following contents.

FROM camilin87/node-cron:latest

COPY . /usr/src/app

Make sure to have a package.json with a start script in it.

When executing your own image pass the TASK_SCHEDULE environment variable in the following fashion:

docker run -e TASK_SCHEDULE='* * * * *' -it <YOUR_IMAGE_NAME>

Custom npm command

The image also supports the execution of a custom npm command through the NPM_COMMAND environment variable.

The following command will execute npm run dev every minute

docker run \
    -e TASK_SCHEDULE='* * * * *' \
    -e NPM_COMMAND='dev' \


Building the image

docker build --no-cache=true -t camilin87/node-cron .

Building the dev image

docker build --no-cache=true -t camilin87/node-cron-dev .

Tag and Push

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