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rTorrent and ruTorrent to run a full-featured torrent box. Forked from kfei/docktorrent
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Forked from kfei/docktorrent.

Using Docker,
rTorrent and
ruTorrent to run a full-featured
BitTorrent box.


  • All-in-one Docker container, build once and run everywhere.
  • Newest version of rTorrent and ruTorrent, with support of DHT and
    asynchronous DNS which will result in a more responsive rTorrent.
  • Enable all useful ruTorrent plugins by default.
  • Get a working BitTorrent box in less than 3 minutes, give it a quick try
    and tune the configs later.
  • rTorrent will automatically restarts on crash or freeze.
  • No more boring installation, also keep your OS in a clean state.

Quick Start

Clone this repository and build the image locally:

git clone
cd docktorrent
docker build -t docktorrent .

The building process may take some time. You can just pull the latest image
from mine:

docker pull camillebaronnet/docktorrent

After the image is built or pulled, run the docktorrent container, for example:

docker run -d \
    -p 80:80 -p 45566:45566 -p 9527:9527/udp \
    --dns \
    -v /data-store:/rtorrent \
    -e UPLOAD_RATE=1024 \

Note that:

  • The exposed ports are required for ruTorrent web interface, rTorrent
    listening and the DHT protocol according to the default .rtorrent.rc.
  • The --dns argument is optional but recommended. It seems like the
    current version of rTorrent still has some DNS
    , using Google's
    DNS may help.
  • The /data-store volume is for all downloads, torrents and session data,
    just make sure the disk space is enough.
  • Override the upload_rate setting of rTorrent to 1024KB. Check the full list of
    available runtime configs.

Happy seeding!

Runtime Configs

There are some environment variables can be supplied at run time:

  • LOGS_OFF: Set this to yes to turn off all logs generated by rTorrent
    and other services so that you don't have to worry about space for
    /var/log. Default is not set.

Override settings in .rtorrent.rc:

  • IP overrides ip.
  • MAX_PEERS overrides max_peers.
  • MAX_PEERS_SEED overrides max_peers_seed.
  • MAX_UPLOADS overrides max_uploads.
  • DOWNLOAD_RATE overrides download_rate.
  • UPLOAD_RATE overrides upload_rate.


All you need is to have Docker installed on your system. Check Docker
Documentation for installation guide on
your OS platform.


  • docker stop can gracefully shutdown rTorrent if you give it more time by
    docker stop -t 120 (which means 120 seconds to time out).


Bug reports and feature suggestions are both welcome. Feel free to use the
issue tracker.

What's new ?

  • Remove authentification, you need use a reverse proxy for auth ( authentication will return differently )
  • Remove "S6" package
  • Adding "supervisor" to run nginx php5-fpm and rtorrent
  • Fix detch mode
  • Create new docker-compose.yml
  • Update options :
    • rtorrent no longer moves the completed file
    • rutorrent's base path is now into "downloads" folder


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