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Docker image derived from smerrill/docker-vagrant-centos with slight modifications
to use the official latest centos image available as a base and to install the ansible
provisioner on the container. Below is the README from the original project,
for more info go to the project page. Additionaly, the image includes the installation of
the subversion and git clients, just in case you need to bootstrap ansible on the container
from source control.

Docker image derived from smerrill/vagrant-centos with slight modifications
to provide different centOS image versions as tags and to install the ansible provisioner.
Below is the README from the original project, for more info go to the project page.


This is a monolithic Docker image (e.g. it runs /sbin/init) that runs sshd.
Because of this, it is possible to use all Vagrant provisioners with it.

This is not really the way Docker is meant to be used, but it does result in
configuration management testing with almost no overhead that can be used on a
wide variety of cloud platforms.

Sample Vagrantfile

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config|
  config.vm.provider "docker" do |d, override|
    d.image = "camilobermudez85/vagrant-centos-ansible:centos-latest"
    d.has_ssh = true

    # This is needed if you have non-Docker provisioners in the Vagrantfile. = nil

    # Ensure Vagrant knows the SSH port. See
    override.ssh.port = 22


  • The container does not (and cannot) run udev.
    • This may cause services like Avahi to fail to start.
  • The container may not load kernel modules. This affect iptables.
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