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A basic nginx and php-fpm on centos container.
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Docker image for a basic nginx and php-fpm on centos container. This image allows for easy website and config updates from a git repository.

getting started

To get an instance up and running, you would need to do the following:

  • fork the repo and change the conf/nginx.conf file to point to your domain, as indicated in the repo's
  • Create an instance of the container by running:
    • docker run -d --name=your_website -p 80:80 -p 443:443 camw/centos-nginx-php
  • Pull the code for your new website (created in step 1) into the container by running:
    • docker exec -ti your_website get
  • Restart the container so that nginx config changes take effect
    • docker restart your_website

Then, when you've made changes to your site in git, just run docker exec -ti your_website update to update your container with the new changes.

extension points

This image may not serve all your needs as is. There may, for example, be other packages you need installed in which case you could create a dockerfile which starts with this this image and adds what you need. As an example:

FROM camw/centos-nginx-php:latest
RUN yum -y install php-mysql

You may also need a more complicated build process which requires more than just copying files into the folder such as grunt minification and versioning. That could be included in the scripts/ script which is in your website repo, forked from

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