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FROM cannin/r-base:ubuntu-14.04.4_r-3.3.2_java-8 MAINTAINER cannin ##### R: SHINY # Install Shiny RUN apt-get install -y \ sudo \ wget \ curl \ gdebi-core \ pandoc \ pandoc-citeproc \ libcurl4-gnutls-dev \ libcairo2-dev \ libxt-dev # Download and install Shiny server # Cannot use ADD because using variables; Using wget instead ENV SHINY_SERVER_VERSION # Get version number of Shiny #RUN wget --no-verbose -O "version.txt" RUN wget --no-verbose "${SHINY_SERVER_VERSION}-amd64.deb" -O ss-latest.deb && \ gdebi -n ss-latest.deb && \ rm -f version.txt ss-latest.deb # Install shiny related packages RUN R -e "install.packages(c('rmarkdown', 'shiny'))" RUN R -e 'if(!require(devtools)) { install.packages("devtools") }; \ library(devtools); \ install_github("cytoscape/r-cytoscape.js");' RUN R -e "library(devtools); install_cran('plotly')" COPY r-requirements.txt / COPY installPackages.R / COPY runInstallPackages.R / RUN R -e 'source("runInstallPackages.R")' # Copy sample apps RUN cp -R /usr/local/lib/R/site-library/shiny/examples/* /srv/shiny-server/ # Setup Shiny log RUN mkdir -p /var/log/shiny-server RUN chown shiny:shiny /var/log/shiny-server # Install plotly and change ownership otherwise plotly will complain: cannot open file 'Rplots.pdf' RUN chown -R shiny:shiny /srv/shiny-server # Expose Shiny server EXPOSE 3838 #CMD ["shiny-server"]
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