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github auth for s3 buckets
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Require github auth for viewing your s3 files

This application wraps s3 and allows you to serve s3 files only to those
who are part of your github org. The paths to the files are the same as s3.

This will only wrap one bucket, so if you want multiple buckets, you will have
to run multiple of there (or you could fork this and have it support multiple)

In order to get this to work you need to first register a github application.
The callback url is https://[hostname]/oauth_callback/github.
For example, if you were running this on localhost, you could set the callback
to http://localhost:8080/oauth_callback/github

In order to go to your file {bucket}{key} you would simply go to /key.
Everything that doesnt exist in s3 will return a 404. Paths much match the key

just get me running

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e S3_BUCKET=mybucket -e GITHUB_ID=myclientid -e GITHUB_SECRET=mysecret -e GITHUB_ORG=myorg canopytax/s3-file-auth

Configuration options

The following environment variables exist for configuration

S3_BUCKET  # required
GITHUB_ID  # required
GITHUB_SECRET  # required
GITHUB_ORG  # required
COOKIE_NAME  # default is s3githubauth
COOKIE_KEY  # default is randomly generated

You should set the COOKIE_KEY if you want to be able to share the cookie with
other services/instances. If you do not set COOKIE_KEY and you have more than
one server, you will have problems, dont say I didnt warn you.

COOKIE_KEY should be a 16 character string

If you dont use an aws instance profile, you will also need to provide the AWS
key and secret through environment variables.

How does it work?

This is really just a wrapper around s3. You ask for an object, and this goes to s3 and streams the file from s3 to the server, then from the server to you. The github authentication peice is done as a middleware and can be found here: aio-github-auth

This server is written in python 3.5 using asyncio, with the aiohttp web framework.

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