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Nexus Artifact Repository

Goal: Simplify installation and configuration of Nexus artifact repository.

See for tips, most of it is applicable to this fork as well.

  • Data is stored in a Data Volume Container. Latest Maven 3 and Zulu JDK 8 are preinstalled.
  • Nexus OSS: 2.11.3-01
  • Webproxy (incl. TLS termination) is considered out of scope. Recommend using a separate docker container which links to this container.

Install and use

Install or upgrade Docker

wget -qO- | sh

Install data volume container and Nexus

sudo docker pull cantara/nexus
sudo docker create -v /sonatype-work --name nexus-data cantara/nexus
sudo docker run -d -p 80:8081 --volumes-from nexus-data --name nexus20150708 cantara/nexus

Test that service is running

curl http://localhost:80/service/local/status

Initial config, point your browser to http://localhost:80/

  1. Review Post-Install Checklist and configure as appropriate
  2. Set up users and roles

Copy data from host into data volume container

Nexus container must be running.
Copy everything inside /path/to/hostdir/ into /sonatype-work/storage/ in container (which is a mounted data volume container).
Change owner to nexus.
Verify that everything looks like expected.

cd /path/to/hostdir
tar -cv * | sudo docker exec -i nexus20150714 tar x -C /sonatype-work/storage/
sudo docker exec -i nexus20150714 chown nexus:nexus -R /sonatype-work/storage/
sudo docker exec -it nexus20150714 ls -la /sonatype-work/storage




Build and run for development

sudo docker build -t cantara/nexus .
sudo docker create -v /sonatype-work --name nexus-data cantara/nexus
sudo docker run -d -p 8081:8081 --name nexus20150714 --volumes-from nexus-data cantara/nexus
  • To stop and remove all containers:

    sudo docker stop $(sudo docker ps -a -q) && sudo docker rm $(sudo docker ps -a -q)
  • To log in to take a look:

    sudo docker ps -a
    sudo docker exec -it containerIdHere bash
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