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Transmission module on CentOS7 from Epel-release
Full Description

Transmission on Docker

CentOS 7 with Transmission & Daemon from epel-release

Download Docker Image:

docker pull carbonsphere/dock-transmission

Download Dockerfile for self build:

git clone

Transmission version:

transmission-remote 2.92 (14714)

Default Volume Mounts:

VOLUME ["/Downloads”]   <——— According to setting.json
VOLUME ["/root/.config/transmission-daemon"] <----- According to run command

Update Block List:

docker exec -it transmission bash
$ transmission-remote —blocklist-update

Web connection:

Use local browser to connect and add torrents or magnet links

Run Instructions :

docker run —name transmission -p 9091:9091 —privileged -d -v {Configuration location}:/root/.config/transmission-daemon -v {Local Download folder}:{Download location set in setting.json} carbonsphere/dock-transmission


mkdir transmission-test
cd transmission-test
git clone
cd dock-transmission
mkdir Downloads
docker run --name transmission -p 9091:9091 --privileged -d -v $(pwd)/transmission-default-config:/root/.config/transmission-daemon -v $(pwd)/Downloads:/Downloads carbonsphere/dock-transmission
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