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Author : CarbonSphere <br>
Email :<br>

<h2>Dockerfile for building docker image. This Base image is based on carbonsphere/docker-centos6-php-nginx </h2>

<h3> This image provides a MySQL DB on port 3306 and PHPMyAdmin on port 80. It also has a to help create a new user granted access to new db.</h3>

<h4>Steps for creating image from Dockerfile and running procedure:</h4>

<b>1 :</b> Clone Docker-Mysql-PHPMyAdmin.git

<b>Command: </b>
git clone

<b>2 :</b> Build docker image from Dockerfile

<b>Command: </b>
#Change Directory
cd Docker-Mysql-PHPMyAdmin

#Build Image
sudo docker build -t #YOUR_IMAGE_NAME# .
#ex: sudo docker build -t youraccount/docker-mysql-phpmyadmin .

<b>3 :</b> Run image

<b>Command: </b>
sudo docker run -d -P youraccount/docker-mysql-phpmyadmin


<b>4 :</b> Run image

<b>Command: </b>
sudo docker run -d -P --name db youraccount/docker-mysql-phpmyadmin

docker_daemon_ip can be found using "boot2docker ip" or you can check your environment variable "echo $DOCKER_HOST"
image_port can be found using "docker port db"


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