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Minimal R environment with SSH client and ability to mount keys from the host
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Dockerfile to install SSH client and bindfs on the top of rocker/r-base, resulting in a minimal R environment to be able to SSH remote machines with the private keys mounted from the host.

This approach resolves the following two issues:

  • you might want to avoid adding the SSH keys (sensitive information) to the Docker image
  • mounting the SSH keys from the host results in file permissions not allowing you to actually use those.

This image does the following things to overcome these issues:

  • install an SSH client
  • install bindfs to be able to remount directories and files with updated permissions
  • creates an .ssh and .ssh-external directories in the docker home folder
  • adds a record in /etc/fstab to mount /home/docker/.ssh-external to the main SSH key folder with the right permissions

Please note that, unfortunately, it's not trivial to use this setup. You have to:

  1. Mount the SSH keys from the host to the /home/docker/.ssh-external folder, e.g.:
docker run \
  -v '/home/username/.ssh/id_rsa:/home/docker/.ssh-external/id_rsa:ro' \
  --rm -ti cardcorp/r-ssh
  1. And as there's no running daemon to auto-mount, you have to do this manually as root:
mount -o nonempty -a

Alternatively, you can start R as docker after re-mounting the keys by:

docker run \
  -v '/home/username/.ssh/id_rsa:/home/docker/.ssh-external/id_rsa:ro' \
  --rm -ti cardcorp/r-ssh \
  sh -c "mount -o nonempty -a;su docker -c \"R --vanilla\""
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