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SQL*Plus Docker image. You can privide your own tnsnames.ora
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SQL*Plus Docker image

Forked from guywithnose/docker-sqlplus
and inspired by thriqon/docker-sqlplus.

This is a modified SQL*Plus docker image i've done in order to be enable to
use my own tnsnames.ora
and a dir where I could put some scripts.

Build it like this:
docker build . -t carloscastillo/docker-sqlplus

Connect to a running Oracle database like this

docker run --interactive --rm -e USERNAME=username -e NET_SERVICE_NAME=XE -v /host/scripts/dir:/usr/workdir -v /host/oracle_home/network/admin:/usr/network/admin --net="host" carloscastillo/docker-sqlplus

If the target database is inside another container you can link it:
docker run --interactive --rm --link database_container_name:name_of_database_host_in_tnsnames_dot_ora -e USERNAME=username -e NET_SERVICE_NAME=XE -v /host/scripts/dir:/usr/workdir -v /host/oracle_home/network/admin:/usr/network/admin carloscastillo/docker-sqlplus


  • username is your user name.
  • _XE_ is the net service name for the target database in your tnsnames.ora.
  • /host/scripts/dir is your local dir where you have the scripts that you need to be visibles by sqlplus.
  • _/host/oracle_home/network/admin_ is your local $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin or the dir where you have your tnsnames.ora.

In order to avoid the presence of password in your history commands i've intentionally omitted the password param so you will be prompted for it by sqlplus.

Locale and language settings

I this version has NLS_LANG set to SPANISH_SPAIN.WE8MSWIN1252 and session timezone to Europe/Madrid.

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