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docker-ized all-in-one kazoo sandbox (great for lab and demo use)
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In response to growing frustration with incomplete "all-in-one" instructions, virtual machine images, and containers that failed to provide users with a functional system; I created this image that includes the following features:

  • Updated to Kazoo version 3.22
  • Monster UI (with legacy Kazoo-UI to provide missing features)
  • Bash Completion for SUP
  • OpenVPN with DNS masquerading to support dynamic IP address assignment
  • Can be used "offline"

Suggested Uses:

  • Development Environment
  • Lab
  • Demos

Shell script with recommended Docker RUN syntax:

OpenVPN client configuration:


The hostname is used for the dnsmasq configuration and Kazoo realm but can be changed at run time using the "-h" parameter.

The KEY variable is used for the Erlang Cookie shared by all apps, the Kazoo "master" account, and the "kazoo-sandbox" system account but can be changed at run time using the "-e" parameter.


Default Kazoo Admin Account:
Username: master
Account: master

OpenVPN user authentication:
Username: kazoo-sandbox

Note: Hostname and Passwords can be changed at runtime. for more info, checkout:

Monster UI URLs (can be found at any of the following):

Kazoo UI URLs (can be found at any of the following):

Exposed Port(s):

16384-16424/udp (FreeSWITCH/RTP ports for 20 calls)
5060-5061/tcp (Kamailio/SIP)
5060-5061/udp (Kamailio/SIP)
11000-11001/tcp (FreeSWITCH/SIP)
11000-11001/udp (FreeSWITCH/SIP)
8080/tcp (HTTP - for Monster-UI and Kazoo-UI)
2022/tcp (SSH)
22022/tcp (OpenVPN)
8000/tcp (Kazoo/API)

For those new to Kazoo, here is a direct quote from the Github 2600hz/kazoo repository:

Kazoo is an API-based platform that lets you use your existing phones, programming languages and IT skills to build voice, video and SMS services. We focus on building a simple, powerful communications platform and let you focus on marketing, servicing and integrating communications with your clients systems.

Dubbed a "scalable, distributed, cloud-based" telephony platform, Kazoo provides simple to use, consistent API so that people who know little about building telecom systems can still dive in and utilize the power of the phone network. In practical terms that means you can create your own phone service in the cloud. Or on a server in your mother's basement. Or in a distributed cluster of servers around the globe. It's up to you.

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