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git server in docker
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Git server on Docker

Raw Git Server (ssh & git protocols)

Run docker git-server container

$ docker-compose up -d

Add repository to git server

  1. Create bare repository, either initiated as an empty repository or cloned from an existing repository.

    $ git init --bare ionradan.git                        # create empty bare repository
    $ git clone --bare repo_to_bare_clone ionradan.git    # create bare repository from an existing repository
  2. Copy repository to git server

    $ docker cp ionradan.git git-server:/opt/git/repositories    # move bare repository to git server
  3. Clone repository

    • ssh protocol

      $ git clone git@localhost:/opt/git/repositories/ionradan.git
      $ git clone ssh://git@localhost:2224/opt/git/repositories/ionradan.git    # non-standard ssh port
    • git protocol (read only)

      $ git clone git://localhost/ionradan.git
  4. Backup

      $ docker run --rm --volumes-from git-server -v $(pwd):/backup ubuntu tar cvf /backup/git-repositories.tar /opt/git/repositories
    • When the command completes and the container stops we’ll be left with a backup of /opt/git/repositories directory (from git-server container)
Add key
  • Add key to files/authorized_keys and rebuild image. Compromise to achieve the immutable environment principle.
Generate keys
  • $ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""
Docker Pull Command
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