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Sentry On-Premise

Official bootstrap for running your own Sentry with Docker.


  • Docker 1.10.0+
  • Compose 1.6.0+ (optional)

Up and Running

Assuming you've just cloned this repository, the following steps
will get you up and running in no time!

There may need to be modifications to the included docker-compose.yml file to accommodate your needs or your environment. These instructions are a guideline for what you should generally do.

  1. mkdir -p data/{sentry,postgres} - Make our local database and sentry config directories.
    This directory is bind-mounted with postgres so you don't lose state!
  2. docker-compose run --rm web config generate-secret-key - Generate a secret key.
    Add it to docker-compose.yml in base as SENTRY_SECRET_KEY.
  3. docker-compose run --rm web upgrade - Build the database.
    Use the interactive prompts to create a user account.
  4. docker-compose up -d - Lift all services (detached/background mode).
  5. Access your instance at localhost:9000!

Note that as long as you have your database bind-mounted, you should
be fine stopping and removing the containers without worry.

Securing Sentry with SSL/TLS

If you'd like to protect your Sentry install with SSL/TLS, there are
fantastic SSL/TLS proxies like HAProxy
and Nginx.


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