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Cask Data Application Platform SDK
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Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP) provides data virtualization by creating logical
representations of data in datasets, and provides application virtualization through
standardized containers with runtime services.

CDAP enables a new class of applications to drive greater business value, including those
requiring real-time and batch processing. CDAP also simplifies big data app development –
more apps faster with less dependence on Hadoop expertise. Finally, CDAP enables
organizations to avoid compromising operational transparency and control of their big data
apps by providing security, logging, metrics, lineage, and more.

While many of the capabilities of CDAP apply to the broad range of Hadoop applications,
CDAP is uniquely suited to address the challenges many organizations face with Extract,
Transform, and Load (ETL) data management. The unified real-time and batch capabilities of
CDAP can transform the next generation of big data apps for customer intimacy, anomaly
detection, and operationalized analytics.

Developers can get involved with the CDAP open source project at, freely download
the code and try the platform today, or engage with Cask on commercial subscription

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