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First attempt at a mediawiki container. No ssl yet and you still have to do manual configuration once it's up and running. Mysql server should really be a separate container and we should probably have a container for any non-static mediawiki data too, but I need to get something up and running so this'll have to do for now.

docker run -d -p80:80\
-e "MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=<Your MYSQL Password>" \
-e ""\
-e ""\
-e "SMTP_PASSWORD=<mypass>"\
-v /directory/on/host:/mediawiki_data cassj/mediawiki

Once your container is running, give it a couple of seconds to start up and then point your browser at http://dockerhost/mediawiki

Run through the installation and when it gives you a LocalSettings.php file, stick it in the directory you're using as a volume.

There are some permissions issues running postfix on recent versions of docker.
Details at
Apparently is fixed in git but change doesn't seem to have filtered down to the packaged versions of docker yet.
Run with --privileged=true and see if it works, if it does then you're hitting this issue. Maybe grab the latest docker from github?

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