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Cachet Monitor plugin

This is a monitoring plugin for CachetHQ.


  • [x] Creates & Resolves Incidents
  • [x] Posts monitor lag every second * config.Interval
  • [x] Updates Component to Partial Outage
  • [x] Updates Component to Major Outage if in Partial Outage
  • [x] Can be run on multiple servers and geo regions

Docker Quickstart

  1. Create a configuration json
  2. docker run -d \
    --name cachet-monitor \
    -h cachet-monitor \
    -v `pwd`/config.json:/etc/cachet-monitor.config.json \


  "api_url": "",
  "api_token": "9yMHsdioQosnyVK4iCVR",
  "interval": 60,
  "monitors": [
      "name": "nodegear frontend",
      "url": "",
      "metric_id": 0,
      "component_id": 0,
      "threshold": 80,
      "expected_status_code": 200,
      "strict_tls": true
  "insecure_api": false


  • metric_id is optional
  • insecure_api if true it will ignore HTTPS certificate errors (eg if self-signed)
  • strict_tls if false (true is default) it will ignore HTTPS certificate errors (eg if monitor uses self-signed certificate)
  • component_id is optional
  • threshold is a percentage
  • expected_status_code is a http response code
  • GET request will be performed on the url

How to run


  1. Set up Go
  2. go get -d
  3. go install
  4. cachet-monitor -c


  1. Download the example config and save to /etc/cachet-monitor.config.json
  2. Run in background: nohup cachet-monitor 2>&1 > /var/log/cachet-monitor.log &
Usage of cachet-monitor:
  -c="/etc/cachet-monitor.config.json": Config path
  -log="": Log path
  -name="": System Name

Environment variables

Name Example Value Description
CACHET_API URL endpoint for cachet api
CACHET_TOKEN randomvalue API Authentication token
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