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Complete Docker LAMP Image with Remote Logging and Email Relay
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LAMP on Docker

How to use

Available in the docker registry under castawaylabs/lamp-docker

Manual build:

  1. docker build -t CastawayLabs/lamp-docker git://
  2. Make directories for your website files. We use the following setup:
    • mkdir -p /home/websites/
    • chmod 750 /home/websites
    • chown root:root /home/websites
    • Nginx routing host:80 to a port opened by docker (see below)
  3. Run the docker image
    • If you have a mysql instance running, and want to link it to the container, see section below.
    • docker run -d --name "" --hostname "" -p 8080:80 -v /home/websites/ CastawayLabs/lamp-docker

Linking MySQL

Run a mysql instance, make sure to name it 'mysql' or similar.

docker run -d --name "" \
    -p 8080:80 \
    -v /home/websites/ \
    --link mysql:db \
    -e "DB_USER={MYSQL_USER}" \
    -e "DB_NAME={MYSQL_DB_NAME}" \

In your PHP script, access those variables using:

$db_name = getenv('DB_NAME');
$db_pass = getenv('DB_PASS');
$db_user = getenv('DB_USER');
$db_host = getenv('DB_PORT_3306_TCP_ADDR');

Sending Email

This image is configured to relay mail through mandrill. (contribute to add other mail relays).

Add the following environment variables when starting the image:


An interesting topic with docker, we've solved it by sending the log files to papertrail. Setting a hostname will ensure you know which log container to look at when required, and not having to dig around with docker cp etc.

Set this environment variable to enable logging:

  • RSYSLOG=*.*

Tips and tricks

  • Export log files from docker: docker cp domain.com_logs
  • Look for messages at boot for diagnostics. It will say something about mandrill if its enabled, and something about RSYSLOG when you enable logging.
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