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postfix with smtp authentication (sasldb) TLS and OpenDKIM support are optional
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run postfix with smtp authentication (sasldb) in a docker container.
TLS and OpenDKIM support are optional.


  • Docker 1.0


  1. Build image

     $ sudo docker pull catatnight/postfix


  1. Create postfix container with smtp authentication

     $ sudo docker run -p 25:25 \
             -e -e smtp_user=user:pwd \
             --name postfix -d catatnight/postfix
     # Set multiple user credentials: -e smtp_user=user1:pwd1,user2:pwd2,...,userN:pwdN
  2. Enable OpenDKIM: save your domain key .private in /path/to/domainkeys

     $ sudo docker run -p 25:25 \
             -e -e smtp_user=user:pwd \
             -v /path/to/domainkeys:/etc/opendkim/domainkeys \
             --name postfix -d catatnight/postfix
  3. Enable TLS(587): save your SSL certificates .key and .crt to /path/to/certs

     $ sudo docker run -p 587:587 \
             -e -e smtp_user=user:pwd \
             -v /path/to/certs:/etc/postfix/certs \
             --name postfix -d catatnight/postfix


  • Login credential should be set to (, password) in Smtp Client
  • You can assign the port of MTA on the host machine to one other than 25 (postfix how-to)
  • Read the reference below to find out how to generate domain keys and add public key to the domain's DNS records


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3 years ago

Can you include few more line in

postconf -e myhostname=$maildomain // new lines after existing code in

postconf -e mydestination=$mydestination

postconf -e inet_interfaces=$inet_interfaces

Also Can you add imap//pop3 server too?