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Docker container with Spark 1.6 compiled against Scala 2.11.
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Standalone Spark-cluster on Docker

A ubuntu:14.04 based Spark container. This container compiles Apache Spark from source against Scala 2.11. Use it in a standalone cluster with the accompanying docker-compose.yml, or as a base for more complex recipes.

Some of the projects are skipped at the Maven build process to make the container a bit lighter and shorten compile time, please look at the Dockerfile for more information.


The docker-compose contains three configurations: master, worker and history and a data-container. Where master is the master-node which delegates the task over the worker nodes. The worker which gets work assigned from the master and does the actual processing. At last the history which solely runs the history server to keep track of the jobs when finished.

To create a standalone cluster with docker-compose:

docker-compose up

Which will start up the cluster and process the example task, once finished it will shut the cluster down. If you want to continue use the cluster, please add the -d argument to daemonize the containers. Scaling can be done using docker-compose:

docker-compose scale worker=4

The SparkUI will be running at http://${YOUR_DOCKER_HOST}:8080 with one worker listed. To run spark-shell, exec into a container:

docker exec -it dockerspark_master_1 /bin/bash

If you are using OSX, don't forget to point to the Docker VM ip, by default.


Apache 2.0 License

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