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Basic ruby container with latest version of the Intercom Ruby gem
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This is a Docker image that enables you to easily and quickly get set up and working with the Intercom API.
It also checkouts an example github repo that contains some example Ruby code that you can run. Anyone can push examples to this repo which will allow anyone using the image to have some simple examples that may help them get started more quickly.

Example Repo:

You can download the image as noted in the box on the right or you can just run it via:

docker run --env PAT="YOU PERSONAL ACCESS TOKEN" -it --rm --name <CONTAINER NAME> cathalhoran/intercom-ruby:v3
For example:
docker run --env PAT="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -it --rm --name myphp cathalhoran/intercom-php:v1

Note that you can use the --env param to set environment variables which are referenced in the example code.
You should then be able to run an example file to retrieve a user from your Intercom account using:

ruby example-ruby/users/user.rb "USER_ID"

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