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The C! or cbang library is a collection of C++ utility libraries
developed over the course of +10 years and several major C++
application development projects. It should compile and run on
Windows, Linux and OSX using a modern C++ compiler.

Many of the facilities of C! are geared towards cross-platform
application development and providing basic services that most
applications need such as a configuration system, run-time build
information, logging facilities, threads, smart pointers, simple
embedded scripting, etc.

C!'s philosophy is to create clean, simple, readable, modular and
reusable code. C! also encourages exception based error handling, and
light use of C++ templates and C preprocesor macros.

C! "leans" on the venerable boost library but also reimplements
several boost APIs which are considered by the author to be too
template heavy, less readable or overly complicated in boost.

The code was developed on an as needed basis and was never intended to
be any sort of grand unifying system for C++ application development.
However, I hope you find many parts of the library useful in your C++
development projects.

For licensing information please see the files LICENSE and COPYING.


  • Smart pointers, both thread safe and non, with downcasting capability.
  • Threading, mutexes, conditions & thread local storage
  • Soft exit & signal handling
  • Extensively configurable logging facilities.
  • Exception class with stack trace capability including line and file info.
  • Exception throwing and catching convenience macros.
  • HTTP and HTTPS client and server.
  • Socket client and server with asynchronous capability.
  • XMacro based enum implementation.
  • PyON Python Object Notation language for serializing and deserializing data.
  • Simple scripting language for configuration and text based command server.
  • Software build information system.
  • A system for compiling in a directory tree of resources.
  • Network packet automatic byte order and string packing functionality.
  • Temporary directories, directory traversal & file operations
  • C++ style number, to and from, string conversions.
  • iostream utilities.
  • Application configuration system.
  • XML facilities.
  • TAR file read and write.
  • Time and timing functions.
  • OpenSSL C++ interface.
  • IP address / hostname resolution, parsing and manipulation.
  • URL parsing.
  • Geometric primitives.
  • C++ wrapper for libevent.
  • Async MariaDB interface using libevent.
  • Human readable size & time formatting.
  • Many other utility classes.
  • Completely contained in it's own C++ namespace.
  • Consistent and clean code formating <= 80 column width.



Debug mode only

Windows only

  • Winsock

OS-X only

  • IOKit
  • CoreFoundation

POSIX/Linux only

  • pthreads
  • libbfd (For debug mode only)

On Debian based systems the prerequisites can be installed with the following
command line:

sudo apt-get install scons build-essential libssl-dev \
  libboost-iostreams-dev libboost-system-dev libboost-filesystem-dev \
  libboost-regex-dev binutils-dev libiberty-dev libmariadbclient-dev git

Unfortunately, at this time, there is no ChakraCore package for Debian. See
the build instructions below.


cd cbang

There are a number of build options which can either be passed on the
command line to scons or place in a configuration file named
''. These options are as follows:

  • debug - Enable debugging
  • optimize - Enable compiler optimizations
  • staticlib - Build a static library
  • sharedlib - Build a shared library
  • strict - Enable strict checking
  • distcc - Enable distcc distributed compile system
  • ccache - Enable ccache caching compile system
  • backtrace_debugger - Enable the printing backtraces

These options are enabled by setting them to 1. For example:

scons debug=1

Build Warnings/Errors

If you get any build warnings, by default, the build will stop. If you have
problems building, especially with warnings related to the boost library you
can ignore these warnings by building with scons strict=0. This disables
strict checking.

Testing the Build

You can testing C! by going to the tests directory in the root of the
cbang source tree, building the test programs and running the test harness:

cd tests


This section describes some common problems and their solutions.

OpenSSL Library Less than v1.0.0

If you get an error about the openssl library version being too old then you
either need to upgrade your package or build openssl from source like this:

tar xzvf openssl-1.0.1f.tar.gz
cd openssl-1.0.1f

Then try building C!.


You can either download a prebuilt ChakraCore or build it yourself. Currently
we require a fork of ChakraCore which includes some fixes.

Windows Binaries

You can find windows binaries of ChakraCore here:

Building ChakraCore

ChakraCore is the Javascript engine used by the Microsoft Edge browser. It
is fast and Open-Source. Unfortunately there currently aren't any readily
available Debian packages for ChakraCore so you will have to build it from

First make sure you have the prerequisites:

sudo apt-get install -y cmake clang libunwind-dev libicu-dev

You need at least cmake 3.2 and clang 3.8. If your system doesn't have these
then you need to build them from source.

First download the source code:

git clone --depth=1

Then build it:

cd ChakraCore
./ --static -j 8

Next collect the various libraries it produces in to one:

mkdir tmp
cd tmp
for i in $(find ../Build* -name \*.a); do
  ar x $i
ar rcs ../libChakraCore.a *.o
cd ..
rm -rf tmp

Now setup the environment so that the C! build system can find ChakraCore:

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