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Builds a docker image that proxies SSL calls to another docker.
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Builds a basic nginx server that proxies incoming SSL calls to a target docker.

To run it:

docker run -d -p <ssl_port>:<ssl_port> --link <your_target_docker>:proxyapp --env PORT=<ssl_port> --env TARGET_PORT=<your_target_docker_port> cbachich/ssl-proxy


ssl_port - The port ssl calls are coming in on this docker instance

your_target_docker - The docker instance name you are proxying these ssl calls to

your_target_docker_port - The port on your target docker you are proxying these ssl calls to


docker run -d -p 443:443 --link bixel:proxyapp --env PORT=443 --env TARGET_PORT=80 cbachich/ssl-proxy

The build repo for this can be found on Github

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