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Shinobi dockerised with FreeNAS tags
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Shinobi is the Open Source CCTV Solution written in Node.JS. Designed with multiple account system, Streams by WebSocket, and Save to WebM. Shinobi can record IP Cameras and Local Cameras.

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Key Aspects

For an updated list of features visit the official website.

  • Defeats stream limit imposed by browsers
    • With Base64 (Stream Type) and JPEG Mode (Option)
  • Records IP Cameras and Local Cameras
  • Streams by WebSocket, HLS (includes audio), and MJPEG
  • Save to WebM and MP4
    • Can save Audio
  • Push Events - When a video is finished it will appear in the dashboard without a refresh
  • Region Motion Detection (Similar to ZoneMinder Zone Detection)
    • Represented by a Motion Guage on each monitor
  • "No Motion" Notifications
  • 1 Process for Each Camera to do both, Recording and Streaming
  • Timeline for viewing Motion Events and Videos
  • Sub-Accounts with permissions
    • Monitor Viewing
    • Monitor Editing
    • Video Deleting
    • Separate API keys for sub account
  • Cron Filters can be set based on master account
  • Stream Analyzer built-in (FFprobe GUI)
  • Monitor Groups
  • Can snapshot images from stream directly
  • Lower Bandwith Mode (JPEG Mode)
    • Snapshot (cgi-bin) must be enabled in Monitor Settings
  • Control Cameras from Interface
  • API
    • Get videos
    • Get monitors
    • Change monitor modes : Disabled, Watch, Record
    • Embedding streams
  • Dashboard Framework made with Google Material Design Lite, jQuery, and Bootstrap

Help make Shinobi the best Open Source CCTV Solution.

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Why make this?

What others say

"After trying zoneminder without success (heavy unstable and slow) I passed to Shinobi that despite being young spins a thousand times better (I have a setup with 16 cameras recording in FHD to ~ 10fps on a pentium of ~ 2009 and I turn with load below 1.5)."

A Reddit user

  • /r/ItalyInformatica


"I would suggest Shinobi as a NVR. It's still in the early days but works a lot better than ZoneMinder for me. I'm able to record 16 cams at 1080p 15fps continously whith no load on server (Pentium E5500 3GB RAM) where zm crashed with 6 cams at 720p. Not to mention the better interface."

A Reddit user

How to Install and Run

Installation Tutorials -

Troubleshooting Guide -


Moe Alam

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Paid license required only if you choose to bill your users for the use of Shinobi.
Personal and Educational purposes do not require a license.
Educational Institutions, such as high schools and universities, do not require the purchase of a license.


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